Bush Tales

A Family Safari to Remember!

Waking up to the calls of the African wild, making a beeline for the best seat on your[…]

Bush Tales

6 Unique & Romantic Reasons to Travel With Us

Africa is one of the most idyllic destinations in the world; dusty pink hues of the[…]

Bush Tales

8 Reasons Why You Should Travel in Secret Season

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The 10 Best Instagram Posts of 2018

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Bush Tales

Tragedy of Tait

**Warning, this blog post contains spoilers for the painted wolf episode of Dynasties**

Bush Tales

Walking with the wild dogs from Dynasties

The sound of yips, yelps, screams and squabbles is an intriguing sound, but hardly the[…]

A Zimbabwean Adventure with Leah

   Meet Leah, one of our Safari Aficionados at African Bush Camps, an expert in[…]