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Stories from the Bush

Lessons of Compassion we can Learn from Wildlife

It's been a lot of information to take in over the last few weeks and[…]

Stories from the Bush

Social Distancing in Africa

Keeping a healthy distance apart is a priority for people all over the world these[…]


Safari Talks: COVID-19 Tourism, Conservation & Community

After we successfully debuted our first Safari Talk ‘show’, featuring South African[…]

Stories from the Bush

While You're Away - A Poem from Africa

Times are uncertain, but this I'll tell you is true

Stories from the Bush

Vegan Sweet Potato, Spinach and Butternut Lasagna Recipe

Cooped up at home and missing the ‘lodge life’ on the banks of the Zambezi River? Soon[…]

Stories from the Bush

Authentic Africa at Zambezi Expeditions

My sleep is interrupted by the breaking of branches. The cracks fill the silent night.[…]

Stories from the Bush

Guides Training 2020 - A Speech by Beks Ndlovu

"Welcome to all the guides who have made the effort to join us. This is always an[…]