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How your stay can help Endangered Species

May 15th is Endangered Species Day - a day to celebrate and learn about endangered[…]


Continuing Vital Projects in Southern Africa

For every night a guest stays with African Bush Camps, we donate $10 to the African[…]


Safari Talks: COVID-19 Tourism, Conservation & Community

After we successfully debuted our first Safari Talk ‘show’, featuring South African[…]

Stories from the Bush

While You're Away - A Poem from Africa

Times are uncertain, but this I'll tell you is true

Stories from the Bush

Morality, Reciprocity, Empathy & Compassion in Wildlife

It's been a lot of information to take in over the last few weeks and[…]

Stories from the Bush

Authentic Africa at Zambezi Expeditions

My sleep is interrupted by the breaking of branches. The cracks fill the silent night.[…]

Stories from the Bush

Guides Training 2020 - A Speech by Beks Ndlovu

"Welcome to all the guides who have made the effort to join us. This is always an[…]