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10 Questions you should be asking as a Responsible Traveller

If there's anything we've taken from this year – it's that as humans, we need to start[…]


Health Guidelines & Preventative Measures for COVID-19

As we find ourselves adjusting to a new norm, our team has been in camps serving as[…]

Travel Tips

Your Ultimate Guide to Mana Pools

Seasons  |  Wildlife  |  Activities  |  Our Camps  |  How to Get There  |  Specials We[…]

Travel Tips

Celebrating South African Heritage on the Open Fire

At African Bush Camps, our chefs are renowned masters of the open fire, even when they[…]

Guest Stories

Louise Orr Solo Safari

Travel Tips

How to Plan a Safari During a Pandemic

This year we've seen a global shutdown impact many industries. When we weren't able to[…]

Community & Conservation

2020 Foundation Projects – Latest Developments

Zambia  |  Zimbabwe  |  Botswana It’s hard to believe we’re almost in the last quarter[…]