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Stories from the Bush

Top 6+ Wildlife Sightings of 2019

We've had a wild 2019, with four camp openings and some unbelievable wildlife[…]

Luqmaan on Safari

"Lead by example" is an expression I am sure many of us have been told throughout our[…]


When is the Best Time to go on Safari in Zimbabwe?

Mana Pools National Park  |  Hwange National Park  |  Lake Kariba Zimbabwe is a place[…]

Questions about Travelling to Zimbabwe, Answered

Zimbabwe is a place of incredible wildlife, vibrant culture and wild national parks.[…]

Wildlife in Nxai Pan National Park

Migration Expeditions is set in the heart of the Nxai Pan National Park in the arid[…]

Stories from the Bush

Part 2: Cecil’s Pride

Cecil was the famous lion that died at the hand of a hunter... The Rise and Fall of[…]

Stories from the Bush

'Twas the Night Before Christmas ‒ on an African Safari

'Twas the night before Christmas ‒ on an African safari,