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Guest Stories

Painted Wolf Safari 2019 - Guest Review

In 2018 David Attenborough brought to light the plight of a distinctive species in the[…]

Stories from the Bush

Lessons of Compassion we can Learn from Wildlife

It's been a lot of information to take in over the last few weeks and[…]


7 Reasons Why You Should Travel in Secret Season

  The green season is a safari aficionado's best-kept secret. Offering an exclusive[…]


How Your Stay Can Help Endangered Species

May 15th is Endangered Species Day - a day to celebrate and learn about endangered[…]


Continuing Vital Projects in Southern Africa

For every night a guest stays with African Bush Camps, we donate $10 to the African[…]

Childhood Friends Explore Zimbabwe & Zambia

Karen Miller and Karen Peterson have known each other since the second grade, growing[…]

Water is Returning to Africa

Water is a priority on a safari because where there’s water, there’s most likely[…]